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In our grammar classes, our qualified, experienced and professional tutors will provide you with lessons to help you deal with grammar tasks like letter writing, emails, reports, assignments and more.

Classes will focus on:

  • Writing styles
  • The process of writing – from drafting to finalizing your document
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Identifying, organizing and expressing your ideas
  • Language support to improve your grammar, syntax and punctuation
  • Understanding the structure of English Language


Maximum Class Size 



Assessment Methods

Progress Tests, Tutorials, Home-work


Course Content

Lessons combine all aspects of language skills; listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Course material consists of a course book and supplementary material such as Cds, CDROMs, and online resources.


Course Part Time
Level Beginner to Advanced
Duration Flexible
Hours 5 hours a week
Start Date Every Monday

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