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The Basic - 4 Lessons course concentrates on improving your General English and at the same time allow you to improve your language skills. It also allows sufficient time for private study. Once you are at intermediate level and above you can choose different options to improve any weak areas you may have such as: writing, reading, listening or speaking. Your teacher will discuss this with you at the appropriate time. 




Progress test, Tutorials, home-work


Maximum Class Size: 10 - 15


Course Content

Listening, Reading, Writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary and pronunciation.


Course Material

Course book, supplementary materials such as online resources, CD-ROMs 


Course Part Time
Level Beginner to Advanced
Duration Flexible
Number of Lessons 4 lessons per week, 2 lessons per day (2 days per week) 

Time: (choose one of the sessions listed below)
Morning Session: 09:00 - 12:00
Afternoon Session: 12:00 - 15:00
Late Afternoon Session: 15:00 - 18:00
Evening Session: 18:00 - 21:00

A lesson duration is 50 minutes.

Start Date Any Monday

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